PUP says they are prepared and ready

The Opposition party, People’s United Party, has been predicting that the elections would be sometime soon, and they have been saying in the House of Representatives, “Call the elections now” but even the leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca,  had to admit that they were still a bit surprised that it has been called so early before the full term is up. He told us that the question on everyone’s mind is “why?”.

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader People’s United Party: We welcomed the announcement first of all. We’re a little surprise because just a couple weeks ago Mr. Barrow, I think publicly said that he did not intend to call elections until next year. He was looking at February or March he said. So the question is why. Why? And that I think is the question that all Belizeans are asking themselves today. Why is there a sudden urgency for elections to be held on November 4th, and for us the answer is very clear. The country is in crisis. There are looming economic crises coming facing Belize. The PetreCarib monies are running dry, that is clear and of course there are other internal issues within the government which are coming to a boiling point, so we understand what is taking place. The People’s United Party is ready. We believe the Belizean people more importantly are ready and so for the next 5 weeks we will have an opportunity to meet with the Belizean people across the country. Our Power to the People Tour has been very successful. It has energized the base of our party. We have to take that message now to the rest of the country and that is what we are going to do over vlcsnap-2015-09-28-21h09m21s144the next 5 weeks leading up to election day on November 4th.  We’re very confident, if we do that, do our work, take our message of hope and opportunity to the Belizean people. We talk to them about economic reform, about governance reform, about education and health reform. We are confident that the People’s United Party will form the government on November 4th.

And with elections some 5 weeks away, how prepared is the PUP? Fonseca was asked specifically if they are financially prepared.

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader People’s United Party: We have absolutely no doubt about that. In fact just today since the announcement, we have heard so many people in the business community and so many other Belizeans who are prepared to support the efforts of the People’s United Party and we’ve been working on that. We’ve been working on that for the past several months. We’ve anticipated, I think I have said it publicly, we anticipated that there would be an election between October and March of next year. It’s come at the front end of that period, but we’re ready, as I said, the Belizean people are ready.

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