PUP scolds PM on statements about Marco Tulio Mendez case

The People’s United Party  issued a press release Thursday evening saying that they “deplore in the strongest terms the Prime Minister’s intervention to the Media yesterday February 11, 2015 concerning the charges against Hon Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez.”

While addressing the media on Wednesday, the Prime Minister alluded to who the victims were. However, most, if not all media houses, excluded the identity of the victims from their newscasts when the relationship between the accused and the alleged victims were revealed.

Sole woman in the House of Representatives, Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, says it was wrong and insensitive on the part of the Prime Minister.


vlcsnap-2015-02-13-11h45m50s228Dolores Balderamos Garcia – PUP Area Representative

“This afternoon we put out a release saying that we strongly condemn the remarks of the Prime Minister.  We deplore those remarks, in which through his comments and specifying the exact family relationship between the accused and the alleged victims, that can help to readily identify the victims. 

We live in a very small society, and all ethical guidelines,  when it comes  to the protection of children, tell us that you should not specify the exact family relationship.

Up to now in the media, no such thing has been done, because people are respecting those guidelines, in relation to the protection of the children involved.  What we are saying is that we believe that it was highly irresponsible and also insensitive of the Prime Minister, to go so far as to specify that exact relationship. 

Now what we are saying is that had he bothered to check with his wife, who is the Special Envoy for Children, and her advisors, no doubt they would have said to him that this is not the way to go.”

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