PUP sends letter to House Speaker about August 7th incident








On Tuesday the People’s United Party released a letter from two former speakers of the House of Representatives, Sylvia Flores and Elizabeth Zabaneh, to current speaker Michael Peyrefitte, in response to the events of August 7 in the House of Representatives. The women write in support of colleague Dolores Balderamos Garcia, member for Belize Rural Central, who was the subject of a verbal riposte from Mesopotamia representative Michael Finnegan. This was after Delores Balderamaos attempted to censure Sergeant-At-Arms  Brian “Yellowman” Audinett, via motion for alleged improper behavior generally and while on duty as a member of the staff of the National Assembly. Going further than the ruling party’s objections to the viability of the motion, The letter notes that the conduct of Minister Finnegan reached its “low point” on August ,7 but had been going on for several months. It calls on the Speaker to ensure that “the Belizean people’s business must be carried out in an atmosphere of cordiality and respect”, and goes on to “insist that an atmosphere of respect for the Speaker and for both sides of the aisle has to be restored.” Citing public condemnation of Mr. Finnegan’s actions, the speakers ask Mr. Peyrefitte to take these “serious concerns” into account.

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