PUP Slate for Belmopan Municipal Elections Chosen

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-07h30m35s61The Peoples United Party held a convention on Sunday, June 29th to elect their candidates for the 2015 Belmopan Municipal Elections. Two teams ran for Candidacy; they were Jose Chacon and company and Jorge Flores and company. In the end Jose Chacon and all members of his team won. According to statistics posted on PUP’s official facebook webpage a total of 1,024 votes were cast. 10 were rejected and one was spoiled. Jose Chacon, who will be running for the post of Belmopan Mayor in 2015, received a total of 529 votes while Jorge Flores received 290 votes making it a victory of 239 vote victory. In team Chacon were Noel Avila who won by a difference of 290 votes, Ruby Botes who won by a difference of 282 votes, Francis Chan who won by a difference of 237 votes, William Hernandez who won by a difference of 251 votes, Anthony Lewis who won by difference of 304 votes, and Judith Rivero who won by difference of 264.

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