PUP Standard Bearer vs UDP Chairman over Street Signs

There was an altercation on the ground on Friday, as the political parties made their way through the various communities in Cayo North .

In Bullet Tree, things got a bit tense between PUP Standard Bearer Richard Harrison and the UDP Chairman of Bullet Tree.

According to Sabino Pinelo, Deputy Chairman of Bullet Tree, Richard Harrison has been putting up street signs without any permission.

Mr Harrison says, the community has no street names, and it is high time that they do.


vlcsnap-2015-01-03-11h20m37s7Richard Harrison – PUP Standard Bearer

“Please allow us to name the streets.  The village is over a hundred years old.


Louis Wade – Plus News

“When we came into the community there seems to have been a slight confrontation between the Village Council and those who are putting up the signs for the village.  Share with us your perspective on that.”


vlcsnap-2015-01-03-08h57m35s213Omar Figuerroa – UDP Standard Bearer

“The reason why we had that confrontation is because the campaigners for Mr Richard Harrison bypassed the Village Council.  I say the Village Council, because they didn’t even come and say, ‘Alright, Mr Chairman’ or ‘Mr Vice-Chairman, can you grant us permission to put the names of the streets in the village?’  “


Richard Harrison

“We’re just contributing to the development of the village.  Let’s do it, brother, come on!  I mean, this is about development.  This is not about politics.  We haven’t named the streets with any political names.  Look at this beautiful ‘Sapodilla Street’ [sign].”


Omar Figuerroa

“I am against it [because] they didn’t come to us.  At least they’re supposed to ask us or sit down with us, because in several locations, I think the Council have letters of invitation to Mr Marmud, stating him to sit with us and work together with him, but up to now the man didn’t show up.”


Monday’s election will not only determine the area representative, but also whether the street names will stay up or come down.

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