PUP state positions on new Guatemalan passport

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h54m15s75The People’s United Party says it has had enough of Guatemala’s antics and is calling for severe action from the Belize Government. The Party’s National Executive met today, where among topics discussed was Guatemala’s recent proposal to include a map alluding that the country’s border with Belize’s border is not clearly defined, on future Guatemalan passports. As we’ve mentioned, Guatemala’s ministry of the interior, is currently seeking out a company that would provide service for the issuance of these passports for the next ten years. Well after meeting today, the PUP drafted a list of propositions for Belize’s Government. And this afternoon, we spoke to Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, who layed out those requests.

Hon Delores Balderamos-Garcia:  
vlcsnap-2013-04-09-19h34m37s170Our three positions that are further to our rejection of Guatemala’s proposals on the Referendum: First of all we are saying that a PUP Government will not allow anybody holding a Guatemalan passport, which shows Belize as a part of that country, to use that passport to enter our country.  And we would also go further to state that we urge that the present UDP Government should take the same approach.  Secondly, we are saying firmly that if Guatemala should persist with changing their passports to show Belize as a part of Guatemala, then our country should boycott any meeting of the Organization of American States.  We believe that one is scheduled to be held in Guatemala later this year.  And, last but not least, our third position is that Belize will seek the support of countries who are friendly to us, especially CARICON countries and neighboring countries, and we would ask then for their solidarity in boycotting an OAS meeting in which Guatemala is allowed to persist in this form of their unfounded claim.  

Garcia says that the People’s United Party will continue to stand firm in defending Belize’s territorial integrity.

Hon Delores Balderamos-Garcia:  
The PUP has always stood firm, and will always continue to stand firm, in defending out territorial integrity, our sovereignty, and our right to self-determination.  We don’t want any part of our country to become shaded, nor for our country to be shown in an unfounded way, to be a part of another country.  We believe that the steps that are being taken by Guatemala right now are very retrogressive. We’re going way back, instead of moving forward. We are disappointed in the position that they now seek to take, but we call on everybody concerned, the Government and all Belizean Citizens, to support along with us Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and basically that’s what we’re saying.

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