PUP Unveil Social Justice Agenda

Following the ceremony at Lord’s Ridge, the PUP unveiled its Social Justice Agenda.  PUP leader Francis Fonseca listed a number of principles addressed in the agenda.  Chief among them is reducing poverty.

vlcsnap-2014-01-15-20h50m57s204Hon. Francis Fonseca- Leader of the People’s United Party

“This January 15th, 2014th, we the People’s United Party hereby declare our support and commitment to the following social justice principles and objectives: 

1.  The erradication of poverty;

“In 2009, according to  the World Bank, persons living in poverty in Belize, stood at 41.3%  of poverty with 15.8 of those being indigents.  In 2013, after more than five years of UDP administration, estimates show that poverty has grown to some 48.9%, and indigents now account for some 19% of that number”.  

The agenda addresses education, health, the law, care of the elderly and other vulnerable groups and reforming the systems of government.

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