PUP willing to meet with Cordel Hyde

Logo_PUPvlcsnap-2013-08-23-08h18m00s250On Wednesday we told you of a postponed meeting between leaders of the PUP and Cordel Hyde, who is seeking a return to the fold of Independence Hall. Some may not welcome him back so fondly as he is considered one of the main reasons the Opposition lost its chance at governance in 2012. But according to deputy leader Julius Espat, Cordel Hyde and others are welcome if they live by the party’s rules.

Hon Julius Espat – PUP Deputy Leader:

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-08h20m04s79We should be open to that.  There should be no fear of sitting down and speaking to somebody like that.  That is what we want to do.  We want to attract the best talent that we possibly can, but also we have to establish trust.  If we don’t have trust it’s a problem.  I was not part of the time when trust devastated the People’s United Party.  I came in at a time when we were trying to reestablish it, and we’re still within that process.  I would like to sit with the past Honorable Cordel Hyde, and listen to him and see what he has to offer.

Julius Espat says the party is determined to find the best candidates.

Hon Julius Espat – PUP Deputy Leader:

As far as I understand, the statement was not ‘expelled.’  It said he would never run on a PUP slate again until he sits with the National Executive and a decision is made.  At the time there was a feeling that there was hurt.  There is still hurt within the Party.  We need clarity, that’s all.

 You’re either with the Party Leader and the people’s United party, or you’re not, if you want to run on our ticket.  So that should be basic.  If you decide to run for the PUP, you have to believe in Francis Fonseca and the People’s United Party.  If not, you can’t run for the PUP.

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