PUP women speak out on national issues

This morning there was a press conference called by the People’s United Party (PUP) in Belize City but it was not about that particular issue. Today’s head table featured only women, albeit women leaders of the PUP: 4 standard bearers, including current representative Dolores Balderamos Garcia; Senator Lisa Shoman; Secretary General Myrtle Palacio, and legal counsel Magali Marin-Young. All the standard bearers spoke, but Senator Shoman offered us the best summation of what they said. Here it is.


Lisa Shoman – Senator, People’s United Partyvlcsnap-2015-07-28-10h37m53s140

“This is to say that leadership in Belize does not only belong to men. It also belongs to women and it belongs to the women of the People’s United Party who are full partners in the development process, that we have a voice, that we have a say and that we have a leader who agrees and who supports our voice and our say. We see the issues that are plaguing our country, we have concrete plans for improvement and we want Belizeans to know that  even though the movement of the country may be one of suffering, pain and  crisis, we have a viable alternative.”


The party annually issues a Women’s Agenda offering its take on issues as it relates to women.

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