Put Away; New release by Mervin Budram

The issue of crime has ravished Belize over the past few years. Unfortunately, though the major crimes seem to be concentrated mostly in one area of the nation, it has caused Belize to be listed as the 3rd most murderous nation.

“Put Away” is a new musical release by well known Belizean musician Mervin Budram and it speaks to the issue of crime.

We spoke to Mr Budram at our studio in Belmopan, and he told us more about this latest project featuring his younger brother, Dan D.


vlcsnap-2015-01-22-12h06m19s135Mervin Budram

“It’s a song that addresses our crime and violence situation we have here in Belize, and I see this issue in many parts of the world.  The song speaks into that area.  It’s pretty much a cry saying, ‘Put away the gun, put away the knife.’ 

I’m inviting those out there who struggle with stuff like this, let’s find better creative ways of resolving our conflicts.

One of the verses talks about a mom who is crying because she sent her son to the shop to buy, not realizing that the son wouldn’t come back.

Many fall prey to crime, many young kids, many teenagers.  The cemetery’s filled [with] many lives that were lost, and they weren’t even involved, they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and a stray bullet hit them.

The song also speaks into the amount of creativity and diversity that we have lying in the cemetery, and those dreams will never come to fruition, because someone took their lives.

I put this song out Sunday.  By Tuesday I had over five thousand views on that song, which makes me know that it’s a relevant issue.  It makes me know that people are listening, and people are hearing, and saying that ‘This is something that we need to talk about.’ 

So we need to talk about the crime, and I’m honoured that through music I can talk about the crime and the violence. Through music I can talk about issues that affect us, and then we can also encourage people to pursue their dreams and visions.”


The song was placed on you tube and reached over 2000 hits within 48 hours. Currently it is at over 5000 hits and climbing. Mervin Budram told us what is next for him.   


Mervin Budram

“I’m currently working on my first debut album, entitled ‘Break Free’, which will be out later on in this year, but I’m releasing an EP. An EP is a sample of some of the songs that would be on the album. The EP will be out in February.  ‘Put Away’ will be one of the singles on the EP.  I have other songs that will be on the EP.

The album really is about my personal journey, and how I’ve broken free out of several areas of my own life.  Addiction was one of my battles that I had to fight.  the album will talk about my journey and how God brought freedom.

The title for the EP is ‘Giant Slayer’ and it talks about going after our giants.  We all have giants in our lives,things that are trying to keep us from stepping into our destiny and our dreams.  It’s picking up those slings, picking up those stones, the keys, the things God has given us, and warring and taking out our giants, so that we could effectively go forward and fulfill our purpose.”


Mervin Budram says he hopes the song ‘Put Away” inspires change in Belize.

The album will be available on itunes, mervinbudram.com and rootsnhonor.com.

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