Quality Poultry truck robbed and stolen

A Quality Poultry vehicle with over $8000 in cash was stolen just before news time in Salvapan, Belmopan. The Quality Poultry truck men were stocking Mary’s Store in Salvapan when two men jumped in the truck and sped off.  We understand that Zeta gas company workers were in the area at the same time and saw the men stealing the truck. The Zeta workers jumped in their own Zeta vehicle and began to pursue the Quality Poultry truck. In the chase, the robbers in the Quality Poultry truck drove into the smaller Zeta Vehicle, trying to knock it off the cemented street in Salva Pan. The truck continued its mad rush through the city and made its way to Michael Finnegan Street near the US Embassy Housing area, a rather isolated and bushy area. Witnesses say when the thieves reached that street, the two men jumped out of the truck and hopped on a white motorcycle which was parked on the street, making their escape. Police were at the location of the truck at news time, processing the scene.

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