Quality Poultry truck robbed in Belmopan

Approximately seven thousand dollars and a Quality Poultry Delivery truck were stolen from Quality Poultry employees in Belmopan on Saturday while they stopped to make a delivery. Reports are that sometime around 3:30 p.m, 25 year old Quality Poultry truck driver, Fransico Monterosa, parked a white Isuzu truck, which is the property of Quality Poultry, in front of 99 Shopping Center on Nim-Li-Punit Street. While waiting for his sidemen, two Hispanic male persons, one of whom was armed with a firearm, approached. ACP Joseph Myvette gives us the details.

ACP Joseph Myvette , Head NCIB: On Saturday August 4th police responded to a robbery report sometime around 3:40pm on Nim Li Punit Street in Belmopan, where one Francisco Montero, 29 year old delivery truck driver reported to the police that whilst he parked at a business place on Nim Li Punit Street in other conduct a delivery, his two side men entered the building and he stayed behind in the truck when he was approached by two male Hispanic persons who demanded money, one of whom showed him a hand gun. And as a result, in fear for his life he jumped out of the truck and ran to safety. This is when the assailants then took control of the truck and the monies that were in the truck and drove off. The truck was later found extensively damaged in Belmopan area. So far there is no named suspect, we are following several leads but so far there is no named suspect.

Victims of robberies often times refuse to make an official report in fear for their life. ACP Myvette urges victims of robberies to make an official report to police in order for the department to take necessary actions in robbery prone areas

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head NCIB: Certainly , we want to urge those who are affected by these robberies to come forward and make reports, in other for us to bring the perpetrators to justice. The report you make may be connected to some other crime, which would give us a lead into several other investigations and therefore that will help us also as a department to increase our resources including mobile patrols in those affected areas.

Police have not been able to identify any named suspects. Police investigation continues.

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