Questions about Conditions of Service for teachers of merged schools

MWHSAs the merger of three Belize City high schools gets on the way, some teachers have already lost their jobs due to redundancy. On Thursday, five teachers from Maude Williams High School, received their official letters of dismissal. Earlier this month, the Minister of Education had stated that they would make the choice of who to release based on their performance and qualifications, but then later said they would instead dismiss those who were hired last. One of the teachers let go has indicated that she will be fighting her dismissal since she has over twenty-five years of teaching service, and says her dismissal is unjust since it was the Ministry of Education which transferred her to Maud Williams High School seven years ago. The lecturer is also well qualified for the job as she has a  Master’s degree in Education Leadership, with a minor in Secondary Education.  So the Ministry of Education may have a fight on its hand from some of those dismissed but  Plusnews has also been informed that those who have been kept on are also asking a lot of questions about their new  Conditions of Service that they are to sign in order to return as a teacher at the new merger of schools.  Those teachers who have been asked to stay on have received a letter from the Board of Management of Maud Williams,  signed by Chairperson Nicole Middleton. That letter reads, “The Board of Management hereby informs you that you have been assigned continuing employment on the staff of Maud Williams High School for the upcoming school year 2014-2015.  Attached are the Conditions of Service you will be expected to comply with as a teacher.  Please indicate your acceptance to return under these conditions by signing and returning a copy of this correspondence by June twenty-seventh, 2014.” Plus news understand that  the teachers are apparently now being hired on contract on a yearly basis. This has raised concern for those teachers who we understand will now be taking the documents to the BNTU to see what they have to say about the new conditions of service.  They say that there are also other conditions stipulated about their contracts, which has the feel of being shrouded in secrecy, and they are awaiting a response to their questions before they sign and return those Conditions of Service

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