Ramon Cervantes accused of his father’s murder

vlcsnap-2015-10-23-00h16m03s206Ramon “Munchie” Cervantes Jr.,  PUP standard bearer for Orange Walk North, told the media today that politics in Belize has taken a new low. That is vlcsnap-2015-10-23-00h15m29s147because Cervantes is now being accused of masterminding the death of his own father, Ramon Cervantes Sr.,  who was kidnapped and killed in July of 2014.  Elections are two weeks away and the war between Cervantes and UDP’s incumbent Gaspar Vega, appears to be an ugly one. As you may recall, Gaspar Vega was accused of masterminding Cervantes’ murder  by someone claiming to be the hired killer on a recording broadcast live on Love FM. The matter is in fact in court, where Vega is suing Cervantes for libel and defamation.  Yesterday, Cervantes was in court in Orange Walk for the procedural hearing into his father’s murder. You may recall that three men vlcsnap-2015-10-23-00h15m54s145were arrested for the murder,  22 year-old Guatemalan Noe Daniel Avila; 19 year-old Belizean Angel Antonio Cardenas, and 28 year-old Belizean Mateo Pott Jr. At yesterday’s procedural hearing, one of the accused men was on the witness stand and asked the magistrate for permission to say something. Magistrate Merlene Moody allowed him, and he said that the person who sent him to kill Cervantez was present right in the courtroom. The magistrate asked if he could show her who that person was and the man pointed at Ramon Munchie Cervantez Jr – saying that it was the son who sent him to kill his father. Today, Cervantes Jr. and his mother spoke to the press, saying that they were shocked, dismayed, and convinced of political maliciousness as the reason for such an allegation.

vlcsnap-2015-10-23-00h08m41s128Vilma Cervantes, wife of Monchi Cervantes Sr: as a family we are completely disgusted at the recent developments and actions. He is our only son off four children. He and his dad had a strong, respectable, and unbreakable bond. It goes beyond saying they loved each other. Anybody who knows our family knows that.. Two weeks of my soul to run a convention. My husband was brutally murdered. And now, two weeks before the general election, my son is being falsely accused. This is just vlcsnap-2015-10-23-00h15m49s88politico maliciousness. What are they afraid of losing power at the fruit of my husbands murder? We are still grieving the brutal and cruel murder of an honorable man who gave so much to his community, to his country. Yet instead of having a proper investigation, we gave gross malicious political interference. The accused have been sitting in prison for 16 month. Who has had access to them? Who has visited them? Who has communication with them. Why did they not make those accusations from the beginning? It is shameful, the length they go to to hinder justice to destroy a good man’s name for dirty politics. We condemn this to the highest extent. We demand justice and the rule of law for all Belizeans. This unlawful, unethical, and immoral behavior, needs to stop immediately. The power of God and the support of the people which strengthens our family, to combat all evil.

The magistrate struck out the man’s statement after the accuser could not answer certain questions after his allegations were made. Cervantes says he still does not feel like this latest development and allegation will negatively affect his campaign as he says he has a ground swell of support.

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