Ramon Cervantes Jr. begins defense of Gaspar Vega libel suit

In the aftermath of the kidnapping and  brutal murder of Orange Walk resident Ramon Cervantes Sr. in July of 2014, questions arose as to why anyone would target the older man. But things took a dramatic turn later in the year, after police charged three men for Mr Cervantes’ murder and kidnapping, and publicly named a fourth alleged conspirator.

vlcsnap-2015-02-11-05h45m09s110That person is Manuel “El Pelon” Castillo.  Mr Castillo apparently contacted the elder Cervantes’ widow and spoke with her, alleging among other things that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Gaspar Vega and a police officer, ordered a hit on Don Ramon’s son and Vega’s political rival Ramon Cervantes Jr., which resulted in Cervantes Sr. dying instead. The recording was aired live via radio station Love FM and later turned over to police, but the Deputy PM strongly denies the allegations and has now initiated a lawsuit against Cervantes Jr. for libel.

The case came up before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin Tuesday morning for case management and continues in April; no trial date has been set.

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