Ramon Cervantes on Burning ASR Cane Fields


During that discussion on Rise and Shine, Cervantes was asked to comment on the ongoing case of Efrain Alpuche, personal body guard for the Cervantes family, and his alleged involvement in the burning of BSI’s sugar cane fields.

Ramon Cervantes Jr. – PUP Candidate Orange Walk North

“The reports I got, was that, who every it is that set the fields ablaze where caught in the act and when they were caught they shot at whoever the security personnel and that they sped off and that the police personnel chased them down and arrested them.”


Louis Wade – Host, Rise and Shine

” That was the original story?”


Ramon Cervantes Jr.

“Yes. I went to bed Monday night believing that story, or that was the only story in town.  The following morning,  one of the guys that drives for us, he goes to pick up a Mennonite at the Ship Yard to operate a machinery there in San Antonio, Rio Hondo. The driver called me and said the Mennonite wans to speak to you. I said what’s up. He said ,’ you know what, I brought down the water pump from the compressor and went to Orange Walk and no had it. Westrac  can get it but until a month. What will you do?’ I said,’ leave it at the store and I will see what I can do; how I will get it.’ Then he said, ‘oh by the way, did  those guys tell you, the police stopped us and took us.’ I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘yes, when the guys went there to look for the pump. I said, ‘who?’ He said,’Alpuche.” I said ,’ in which vehicle,’  He said,’ in the blue pickup.’ I said, ‘ around what time was that. He said around 3:30 – 4:00. He said they went there and he jumped in the pickup because he said that it was almost 5:00 so he needs to go to the auto-parts to see if they have it or not. He said  when they were coming back from San Antonio, right after the bridge, about a quarter mile out of the village,  that’s when the police were stopped and they were taken first to the cane field and then to the police station. They were never taken directly to the police station.”vlcsnap-2015-06-01-10h43m37s188


Cervantes also commented on the allegation that shots were fired, which were proved false.


Ramon Cervantes Jr.

“I have to make the point that, it’s very highly improbable almost impossible that shots were fired because that vehicle was assigned, first of all ,to Mr. Alpuche. After my father’s murder, police recommended that we heightened security. He offered, he was one of the guys who was out there in the bush looking for my father. He offered himself and took him up for the family. He  does not work for me directly, he is for the family. He  was assigned that vehicle and I ask him favors to transport people from meeting to meeting and do errands for people; registrations and things like that. I can say that no one can say that they have seen any weapon. the most he keeps in there is a machete and a knife but no gun no fire arm in that pick up or on his person. Apparently that was clarified. I don’t know who brought that, I think the policeclaims that the ASR’s security reported that. They should be checked for perjury because that is a serious offence to make.”

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