Ramon Cervantes says he will not retract statement

As we told you on Wednesday, Ramon Cervantes Jr. received a notice of intention to sue from Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. The Deputy Prime Minister was named in a recorded telephone conversation which was broadcast live on the radio.

The Minister responded with a video release of his own, refuting any allegations of his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr.

On Wednesday, the son of the deceased, Ramon Cervantes Jr. received the letter from Barrow and Williams law firm, demanding a retraction and an apology to Hon. Gaspar Vega.

On Thursday, Ramon Cervantes Jr. told the media that he has nothing to apologize for.


vlcsnap-2014-11-14-08h38m16s157Ramon Cervantes Jr.
“I have nothing to apologize for, and there is nothing for me to retract and so I won’t apologize.

Let the process takes it course. The importance here is that my father was murdered and as time goes by events are unfolding, events are coming to light, and Manuel Castillo called my house and there was a conversation and it was taped, and we made the public know it. 

From the very start we had told the public, through the media, that we would be informing them of any new developments, as the case goes along.  Everything we do is in pursuit of the truth and justice.  That is what we want. 

My father is dead.  He was murdered, and clearly it was not the act of just four guys.  There are other levels [in] that conspiracy.

We are sure that it’s  Manuel Castillo, because he was a customer of our store. His family and us grew up together.  

The retraction part,  I didn’t say anything. If Manuel Castillo, in that tape, would have mentioned the name of an ordinary man, I think the Police would have picked up that person to question him, or question her. 

I know what I believe, and clearly the facts have been speaking for themselves.”


The letter sent to Ramon”Munchie” Cervantes also informed that he needs to make a proposal for monetary compensation to Gaspar Vega.

If Ramon Cervantes does not respond by Monday 17th November, Hon. Gaspar Vega says he will sue.

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