Ramon Cervantes Sr. found dead in Orange Walk

Police in the northern town of Orange Walk are rounding up suspects in the murder of 71-year-old businessman and former politician Ramon Cervantes, Sr. Cervantes was laid to rest late on Sunday after his body was found on an abandoned farm on the

vlcsnap-2014-07-08-00h00m24s194 vlcsnap-2014-07-08-00h00m42s126 vlcsnap-2014-07-08-00h00m14s94 vlcsnap-2014-07-08-00h02m10s232road to Honey Camp Lagoon, six miles due east of Orange Walk Town, around 10:00 Saturday night. Latest confirmation from Orange Walk police is that Cervantes, reported missing last Tuesday after going to his sugar cane field in the San Roman area, died from trauma shock as a consequence of head injuries, likely caused by a blunt instrument. But who inflicted them, and for what reason? On Sunday PLUS News joined other media colleagues in Orange Walk as the post-mortem examination took place. Head of National Crime Investigation Senior Superintendent Russell Blackett, while not pinning himself down to specifics, stated that there are many possible causes of Cervantes’ death.

vlcsnap-2014-07-08-07h20m55s20ACP Russell Blackett – OC – National Criminal Investigations Branch

“We don’t have the evidence to prove that.  That are rumors that you’re hearing.  we need to continue to investigate, and determine at the conclusion what the matter was.  There are many [possible] motives.  He could have been robbed, probably  by someone who he knew.  The person did not want to be uncovered, and that’s usual with most criminals.  They want to commit the heinous crimes and get away.”

According to Blackett, the family was in communication with someone demanding money for Cervantes’ return. However, police from the very beginning have refrained from bracketing the incident as kidnapping or abduction. As for the issue of suspects, the police are talking to several people, but police for the most part are keeping their cards close to their chest.

Russell Blackett

“We have other suspects that we are seeking, and if we say anything about suspects or whatever, he is watching. We must understand that this is a very tedious investigation, and when we uncover the whole truth, the press will know.”

Sr. Supt. Blackett made clear that any question from the press that would in any way reveal key facets of the police’s investigation would not be answered. And that is where we are at this juncture, for as of this afternoon the Department was in communication with Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal as to how to move forward. Meanwhile, there was a crowd gathered at the police station in Orange Walk Town this afternoon, some of whom claim their family members are in lockdown, while others demanded that proper justice be served. Among them was Mayor of Orange Walk Town Kevin Bernard

vlcsnap-2014-07-08-07h35m16s225Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town
“I am out here to support our residents, to support the family of the Mr. Ramon Cervantes and I too demand justice of this heinous crime that has been committed on a brother, on a friend, a community leader, someone who served this town, someone who served this country as Senator, a teacher who has molded a lot students and a lot of us who have attended La Immaculada School would know that Mr. Ramon Cervantes was a very good person, was a very humble individual and what has happened to him is so sad. It is totally tearing this community apart. But now we have seen where people are uniting for a purpose, uniting in the sense that we need to bring real justice to the people that has created this crime.”


The former Senator and former Mayor of the Sugar City was laid to rest on Sunday immediately following the post-mortem, with hundreds of Orange Walk residents coming out to pay tribute.

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