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65 year old businessman Adil Abdulla Bishop, arraigned in court on Thursday, June 19th for a single count of rape, is out on bail. According to police, a 19 year old woman of Belize City reported that on June 13, 2014, Mr Bishop picked her up somewhere along Marine Parade Boulevard, intending to take her to Mile 8 on the George Price Highway to show her a house that he wanted to rent. He allegedly made a left turn into a road marked by the Homeland Memorial Park. There he took out a firearm and asked her if she wanted to hold it. After retorting that she wanted to go home, Adil Bishop allegedly got out the car, placed the gun on the seat, and raped her. At court Bishop gave his side of the story. He said that the 19 year old woman contacted him via text message twice before Thursday asking for money. He had allegedly given her money previously but after refusing to do so, in a text message sent on June 11th, she asked him to call him, then allegedly replied on the 13th of June that she would “mess him up.” Adil Bishop met bail of $7,000 and goes back to court on August 5th. However,  the alleged victim contacted the media on Friday to contest Bishop’s version of the story.

Rape Victim

“When I heard the news last night on TV I was so upset, and he is just trying to cover himself because he knows exactly what I am saying. What is said to the police did happen on Friday. Why would I put myself in a position, put my name out there, my reputation? I mean come on, I am a nineteen year old mother of one. This man is wealthy and he has a reputation. Why would I threaten him for four hundred dollars? That doesn’t make any sense any at all. Why would I threaten somebody who is out there for years and a veteran just for four hundred dollars? I mean it doesn’t make any sense any at all. And if you guys, the viewers who are listening tonight if you guys watched the news last night, Channel 5 and Channel 7, he gave two different versions of his story, it completely states that he is lying. He is just trying to give me a bad reputation. I had no affair with this man, no affair any at all. I only met this man twice and that was last week. On Wednesday and I met him on Friday that was the only time I met this man in person. I had no affiliation with this man no affair with this man. And of course his family is going to back him up because they don’t want their dad or supposing husband to go to jail but I would never put my life at risk or put my life on the line or my young child for what? For fame, for popularity? It doesn’t make any sense any at all. There would be records of the text message and as I mention to the police I met this man and he gave me his number. I texted him, he called me, we had a conversation and I only texted him to bargain about the house that he supposedly said he had at eight miles. He is only trying to use what I said against me to make me look bad. But if the police does a thorough investigation and they deal with the matter as I gave them detailed information where we were at specific points in time, proof is going to be there, that yes what I said had transpired on Friday. And what I can say I am not afraid, I am not backing down and I am taking this to court. I am not going to back down, I am not afraid. And if God is with me then no man should be against me.”

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