Ras Indio’s new release; UNITY

We are still in the month of January, and quite a ways from the month of September, but that’s not stopping one Belizean music Artist from releasing his first single for the new year. Ras Indio dropped by PlusTV studios to his brand new track and video titled UNITY . His New release for 2018 also features rising Hip Hop/Soca/Dancehall artist – Boss Lady. “U.N.I.T.Y.” is a remake of the old school Hip Hop song originally done by Queen Latifah. Ras Indio tells us more.

RAS INDIO,Belizean Musician

UNITY; [is] An old slogan and we decided to bring it back again in 2018. So we have brought another positive vibe for the people. Of course, people will know this song from way back when Queen Latifah said it first. But we made it courtesy of More Dallaz Entertainment; that’s the producer here in Belmopan; Jermaine Gardiner. Big him up because we have a lot of new producers, locals around Belmopan, and even in Belize City and Dangriga with laptops. They are now creating music and then they present it to me. We have a lot of producers that visit me from time to time saying “Ras Indio what do you think about this beat!”. So this is one of the ones that really caught me because it brought back memories so I said “Wow, that’s your remix!”. So we went ahead. I came up with the hook which is very spontaneous:

“love and unity in our community, burn out the hatred, bad mind and cruelty…  love and unity”

It’s like a hype song and I myself was working with Boss Lady at the time  on other songs that are yet to be released and when I presented the music and lyrics to her, she got excited because she used to love Queen Latifah and her older sister Heavy D out of Belize’s. Artists such as Kenny G and Fruit-a- Lee … she can do Rap  but a lot of people just think she does soca because that is what she has put to the nation so far. But she does DanceHall, she does soca, and she also does Hip Ho;p which you can now see in this brand new video “Unity”.

The video is already on Youtube and the single can be purchased from cdbaby.com. Ras Indio says that with the current crime wave hitting Belize, and the increase of violence in the world, the message in his music is even more timely.

RAS INDIO,Belizean Musician

 All over the world we see all type of things happening which we cannot understand. I believe that unity is one of the things we are lacking of as a people and as a community. People like to have little things keeping us separated; keeping us apart. And even right now, we have the technological devices keeping us so separated that people do not even eat at the table anymore as everyone is at their devices .They are deviding us so we have to create more unity among ourselves, and definitely, I am hoping and praying for this message to reach where it is supposed to reach and change the lives of the people which need a change

The Music was Produced by Mo Dallaz Entertainment while the video was made by Nadir Price and Trey Cabb and shot in Belmopan.

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