Raul Magana Mourns Loss of Family After Traffic Accident

vlcsnap-2014-04-29-18h28m13s48As we reported yesterday, there was a fatal traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Around 3:30 Monday afternoon, Ladyville businessman Raul Magana II was driving down from the Northern Border toward Belize City along with common-law partner Lissa Ying Li and their son Raul III when their Toyota Land Cruiser suffered a blowout on the left rear wheel near Mile 27, causing the vehicle to flip over several times.

While Magana ultimately escaped with cut wounds to the head and right arm, neither his partner, aged 28, nor their son, only three years of age, survived their serious head injuries. We caught up with him today and he describes the horrifying moment of the accident.

vlcsnap-2014-04-29-18h42m08s174Raul Magana Jr.- Driver of the Vehicle

“I mih deh huom and I mih dih try get riddah one vehicle weh ah mih suppose fu kear da Orange Walk.  So, we decide fuh lear dis vehicle da Orange Walk, we drop it and turned back and on the way coming down the way right before mile 27, we mih dih talk in a kinda soft way, so we decide fu try pull ova.  By the time I tend fu pull ova, the taya completely explode paa mih.  I guess why the vehicle highslide pahn dih side; the whole vehicle swerved completely across the highway and e mih about fih hit wa lamp post,a nd that da mih when di vehicle staat to tonnova”.

Magana says he could only watch in agony as his son died before his eyes while his wife passed on before he could rescue her.

Raul Magana Jr.:  “I neva nuoa when fih get outta dih car.  I realize and saw side ah me when dih car don stap and I turn over and I look to my side fuh dehn fuh halla fuh dehn, and I notice dehn no de eena di car by me side no more.  So, me and dih pasinja dab ac com outta and we staat  di scream fuh dih luk forah, and dat da when I findah bout five feet or six eena dih bush.  She mih luk like she mih dead paa impact and dih baby mih di try gasp fuh air, and I try fuh muva and adda pipl weh mih dih deh dehn tel me ‘no, no’.

Reporter:  “Sir, just imagining going through that proceeds.  In as best possible words, can you explain what is the emotional state that you are in”.

Raul Magana Jr.:  “I’ll be honest, I can’t cope with it.  The reality no hit me yet.  I feel like I cud go huom right now and me do like  da me deh huom”.

While the bereaved businessman and father is being supported and comforted by his family, he admits it will be difficult to get over this tragic loss.

Raul Magana Jr.:  “That wan be a good one, that wah always deh pahn dih ressah mih life”.

Reporter:  “Now, tell us a little bit about your wife and your baby”.

Raul Magana Jr.:  “Well, he born… nearly three years old, and my wife 28 at the moment.   All on that we da mih an loving couple, alla we, we had high hopes. He da dih only baby wid she.  I had high hope fuh dis child.  I recently buy wa hous.  Our intention was da fuh mek sure my son hav a hous ah e own.  I mean, when I used to left mih hous, mih son actually poit pahn dih hous, da three years old and and e used to halla, daddy, my hous, and now… e gaan”.

vlcsnap-2014-04-28-18h29m31s238Reporter:  “You told that she helped you with your business place”.

Raul Magana Jr.:  “We had a pawn shap togeda.  We had to close dong togeda becaz ah financial purposes.  She…da woman, da one a dih best things dat happen to me eena mih life, if not the best, she and mih son.  Everything we did, we did it together as a couple.  We planned everything together, we worked everything together, and I just then can’t believe dehn gaan”.

While Magana tries to pick up the pieces, police continue to investigate the cause of the accident and have not said if any charges will be filed against Magana.

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