Raul Tush charged with Dangerous Harm following stabbing of Luis Tzib

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Just an inch away from his wind pipe and Corozal Police would have reported its sixth murder for this year.

On Friday September 5th around 9:30 pm Corozal Police reported to a report in Patchakan Village in the Corozal district of a man suffering of stab wounds.

Upon Police arrival they saw 45 year old Luis Tzib laying on the ground in front of his house bleeding from a large cut wound to his chest area and neck. Mr Tzib was taken to the Corozal Community Hospital, where he was later transported to the Northern Regional Hospital for further medical attention.

According to Luis Tzib, he was on his way home with another friend when they decided to stop for a drink. His drinking companion went home for a cup and that is when 31 year old Raul Tush approach Luis Tzib with a bottle on his hand and started insulting Mr Tzib. To avoid any problems Luis Tzib claims to have started to leave the area when Raul Tush started to inflict the wounds to him.

Since the day of the incident Corozal Police has arrested and charged Raul Alberto Tush, 31years, a Belizean Mason of Patchakan Village, Corozal District, for the crime of Dangerous Harm.  Raul Tush was arraigned in Corozal’s Magistrate court where he was charged for the crime of Dangerous harm and was offered bailed of $4,000.00 plus a surety of the same amount and to return to court on December 8th of this year.

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