Ray Davis at Senate Meeting causes uproar

vlcsnap-2015-09-07-16h31m33s026The Senate met today at the National Assembly Building to debate the BEL Acquisition Settlement Act. We’ll get to some of the highlights of that debate in a bit but first to the presence and participation of Ray Davis at today’s Senate meeting and the uproar that has caused. As you may be aware, Ray Davis was removed as Labour Senator in a majority vote on August 22 at a regular monthly NTUCB meeting. It was the headline story on most Monday Night newscasts following that Saturday’s voting. Now, there has not been any official word as to who would replace Davis but today, Davis showed up for work, sitting in as vlcsnap-2015-09-07-16h31m25s214Labour Senator representing the Unions, but apparently , without the blessings of the NTUCB. In fact, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) fired off a press release this afternoon saying that

“ NTUCB categorically disassociates itself from the presence of Ray Davis at today’s Senate Meeting.”

President of the Congress Marvin Mora had the same fiery remarks as it related to Ray Davis presence at the Senate today. According to Mora,  Mr. Davis was duly informed via letter that he is no longer the Representative for NTUCB and Civil society at the Senate, but late last night sent out an email to President Marvin Mora stating he was attending today’s Senate meeting. President Mora immediately informed him that he should not attend as the General Council of the NTUCB had through its internal democratic process removed him. The statement says that  Mora reiterated that instruction to Davis via text and even called Mr. Davis who has refused to answer Mora’s calls. The  statement also says,

vlcsnap-2015-09-07-16h40m55s984 “The conduct of Mr. Davis is very much unbecoming a person who has the interest of the workers and civil society at heart and is reflective of the reason why he has failed to consult with the people he represents or listen to the people he is to represent in this position. Nothing Mr. Davis says or any position taken at today’s meeting can be ascribed to the NTUCB, which is his advisory body. Mr. Davis, has acted on his own along with those handful of persons who have been inciting him to such action. ”

NTUCB  says it is currently engaging the Civil Society Steering Committee, the other representative, in this matter and has held relevant meetings to get input from these social partners as the NTUCB wants to appoint Dr. Sharmayne Saunders as its new Senator.The release ends by saying that Ray Davis’ actions

“ is an insult and of great disrespect to unionism in this country but proof that he has intentionally worked against those who appointed him. NTUCB denounces in the strongest sense the conduct of Mr. Ray Davis.”

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