Ray Davis issues statement about his dismissal by NTUCB

vlcsnap-2015-09-14-22h48m47s36The seat held by Senator Ray Davis as Senate Representative for the NTUCB and the Civil Society Committee, appeared to have been thrust into limbo after he abstained his vote from the petro caribe loans amendment bill passed earlier in the year. That caused an uproar in certain sectors of the union body. That uproar never fully subsided. He was further served with a letter from the NTUCB informing him of his dismissal as union representative, based on a majority vote. This was after the debacle surrounding his absence at sitting in July. The unions said he did not properly inform them of his absence and as a result they lost all confidence in him as a senator. Then at the following  sitting, which was last week, Davis appeared at the senate to the bewilderment of NTUCB, who did no delay in publicly divorcing themselves from his representation. In a letter issued today, Davis gave his side of the story. According to Davis, the letter of his dismissal from the president of the NTUCB carried no ground. He stated that during his absence he quote,

“emailed the President and the General Secretary of the NTUCB notifying them in advance of my planned absence from the Senate meeting of July 1st, what is more, I had visited the Clerk of the Senate at his office to notify him of my absence in accordance with the legal requirement.”  

Davis also quoted a section of the standing orders of the senate, specifically paragraph 77 subsection 2 which gives provision for a senator to be absent not more than ten consecutive times without the leave of the president obtained in writing before the end of the last of the sittings. Therefore he concluded that their demand for hisremoval carries no ground. Davis ended by saying and we quote,

“While I am disappointed with the controversy regarding my tenure as Senator I will remain in the Senate until my term comes to an end in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.”

Davis says that he will be lawyering up in respect to the statements made against him by personas who have openly advocated for his removal. He calls those statements, “untrue and derogatory.”

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