Recalled Guatemalan Ambassador says Belize is the aggressor

Guatemalan Presidetn Jimmy morales recalled the Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize,  , Manuel Roldan Barillas for consultation following the death of an illegal Guatemalan in Belizean territory.  According to an article in Guatemalan newspaper, Prensa Libre, Ambassador Roldan granted them an interview in which he made very strong statements regarding the shooting incident, saying,  “, “…it was a condemnable act…an uncalled for and disproportionate incident. I don’t have the words to describe…how this incident has impacted us…..This is an unspeakable act. It is something completely disgraceful for which Belize will have to explain the circumstances….Unfortunately, as you know, since 1999 there have been 10 killings of Guatemalans at the hands of the BDF and we view this with concern. Unfortunately, we recognize that although there may be a lack of discretion by the armed forces of Belize in contrast to that of Guatemala, a professional army, which although they have been trained for war, that would be the last resort… I see the bilateral relation with Belize damaged at this time by a completely condemnable act.”  Speaking  further on the status of the bilateral relationship, Barillas is quoted as saying,, “…I have been recalled, which is to say that it is a temporary recall to register a Guatemalan protest against Belize for what has happened. I have not been removed from the Embassy. It is only a temporary measure, well recognized in bilateral diplomacy, – the recall of an Ambassador.” The reporter asked the Guatemalan Ambassador for his comments on Belize’s version of the story which indicates tah the Guatemalans fired fiorst and BDF were simply returning fire.  The Ambassador answered saying , “…They say what they want but do you think it is possible that an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old represent a risk to the life of full armed soldiers? I don’t think so. I don’t agree with this. These are excuses that they are giving. They want to sell an image of the Guatemalan as the aggressor when we all know that they are (the aggressors).download

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