RECONDEV launches incentive to lease holders

If you hold a lease for a property in Belmopan through RECONDEV but you don’t have the habit of making monthly payments toward your lease, now might be a good time to start. In an effort to encourage lease holders to pay towards attaining full title to their property , RECONDEV has embarked on an incentive program called pay and play. Ismael Garcia, Collections Manager at RECONDEV, told us how the program works.

vlcsnap-2014-06-23-06h45m17s79Ismael Garcia – Collections Manager at RECONDEV

“How ‘Pay and Play’ works is that every month, when you make a monthly payment to RECONDEV, you qualify to win back that same amount , which is credited to your account.  So, for example, if your balance on your property is $2,000, and you make a monthly payment of $100,  and you are the lucky winner wh is drawn that month, then you get an extra $100 credited to the balance on your account. This morning we held the first draw, and in that first draw Ms Rosa Can was the lucky winner, for the first ‘Pay and Play’.  That was for customers who paid between the period of May 9th to June 13th.”

According to Ismael Garcia, there are over seventeen hundred lease holders who have leases with RECONDEV.

Ismael Garcia

“I’d like to encourage all people who hold leases in Belmopan to join in, come into the program.  There’s an incentive now, you can win money, but also it’s important for you to have your title, and so we want to encourage you.  There’s also several persons whose leases have expired, or about to expire, and we want to encourage them to come to RECONDEV, to make sure that we get those leases up to date, that new contracts are signed, so that you can maintain your lease with the Corporation.”

Rosa Can, the winner of the first drawing, is a resident of Maya Mopan, Belmopan. The following drawing will be for customers who paid during the period of June to July.

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