Recycling company exhibits at Earth Day Fair

vlcsnap-2013-04-19-13h39m34s154Recycling is one of the best ways you can contribute to a sustainable future, as it has both local and global benefits. Locally, it saves our limited disposal capacity by reducing how much garbage must be buried in our landfill. While globally, recycling reduces pollution and conserves both energy and natural resources. Often times people may want to get into the practice of recycling, but don’t know where or how to start. Well, one company is making this quite easy for Belizeans. The Resource Recovery Recycling Limited, established some two years ago in Belize, started out recycling mainly plastics, but the company soon saw a dire need for the recycling of electronics also. The company was present at yesterday’s Earth Day Fair at the University of Belize. There we caught up with Mike Kelly, President of the corporation

Mike Kelly – President RRR Ltd:
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-13h39m48s56We’re a pretty young company.  We do recycling of plastic bottles and e-waste, which is electronics, anything with a plug.  We will De-maufacture, which means basically take it apart, as you can see from the bits and pieces here, and then we export that to be recycled elsewhere.  Hopefully as the amount of commodities that we receive increases, then we’ll start doing some recycling here in Belize, which is our goal.

Each month, they export about four containers of plastic bottles, that’s about a hundred and twenty pounds. Kelly told us more.

Mike Kelly – President RRR Ltd:
We collect plastic bottles and bail them and the send them out.  We send up to four containers a month, which adds up to about a hundred and twenty thousand pounds of plastic bottles.  You think of a 20 foot container, four of them stacked high, that’s 20 foot by 8 foot by 35 feet high times 12, that’s a large structure and that is moving out of the country.  it’s not staying here.  [If] all those bottles stay here, you think of that kind of size of structure, that will inundate and eventually it’ll inundate everywhere.  We wont be able to get away from it.

The company hopes the Government will amend its container laws to provide for other plastic material. This is crucial because when dumped, these materials make up a whopping magnitude in our landfill.

Mike Kelly – President RRR Ltd:
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-13h40m07s2There are many other products that come in plastic bottles in the country.  What we hope to do is to encourage the Government to amend the container laws to include these other bottles, things like shampoo, cooking oil, for example.  There are 8 forty foot containers of cooking oil that comes into the country every month.  Now that’s a seven story building, times twelve months, that’s 96 feet times 40 feet, seven stories high. There’s not even a Government structure that big in Belize. Every year, that what we throw into our landfills and into the country.

As we mentioned, the company has now ventured into recycling electronics. There are a lot of old electronics that people need to throw away, but putting them in a dump site toxifies the environment. So here’s what you can do with those old devices.

Mike Kelly – President RRR Ltd:
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-14h02m53s85E-waste is another part of the recycling.  We all know that you buy a computer and two years later you need to buy another one, because it’s outdated.  That happens with everything else as well, DVD players, TVs and everything.  All of that, you can’t really throw it into the landfill, or just throw it in your back yard, because  it toxifies the environment.  It leaches out into the water table, and eventually toxify us, and you’ll die. So these are the things that we need to keep out of landfills. They won’t go away in a hurry.

Finally, Kelly explains why recycling is so important.

Mike Kelly – President RRR Ltd:
The problem will only get bigger. As populations increase, our consumption increases, our production of recyclables or garbage will increase. We need to look at that, and we need to start thinking about it now, not in ten years, otherwise  these kids will be walking around on plastic bottles.

The Resource Recovery Recycling drop off center is located in Ladyville, at Mile 10 on the Northern Highway. Or you contact their offices at 223-0001.

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