Recycling encouraged by Resource Recovery Recycling Company

vlcsnap-2013-03-05-18h43m12s115Technology moves fast, and what’s fresh and in style this year may be passé and out of date very quickly. With computers and accessories available literally at your fingertips, there’s little place for the classic CPU and many are gathering dust in basements, attics and the like. The Resource Recovery Recycling Company, in conjunction with the Tourism Industry Association’s Recycling Network and the Scout Association of Belize, hosted a two-day event at the old Center for Employment Training (CET) compound at St. Thomas and St. Joseph Streets for businesses and households to dump off their excess electronic items – television sets, desktop and laptop computers, accessories and basically “anything with a plug” so that they can be recycled. But how does one recycle electronics, which are mostly made of non-biodegradable plastic material? President of the company Michael Kelly explains:

Michael Kelly – Resource Recovery Recycling Company President:  
vlcsnap-2013-03-05-18h44m21s59This is our first recycling event.  We’re a recycling company, established about two years ago in Belize.  We recycle mainly plastics, but we saw the need for the recycling of electronics, there’s a lot of old electronics that people need to throw away. You can’t put then on the dump anymore, as it toxifies the environment.  So we came up with the idea to do this.  [We’re] appealing to businesses who normally have lots of old fax machines, printers and old computors, and also homes that have new electronics coming out every year, people buy new electronics, things from cameras to computers, DVD players et-cetera, that everyone has, and it gets superseded, you need a new one, you break it, whatever, this is the place for you to take it. We dismantle it, and then ship it out of the country.

According to Kelly, there will be similar efforts in the districts:

Michael Kelly – Resource Recovery Recycling Company President:
We de-manufacture in Belize, which means we take the thing down, remove various parts of it, put them all in boxes together, power packs or drives, transformers, et-cetera.  We get it all separated out, and then we ship it out, when we have a container load.  It goes to a company in Hong Kong, who then recycles. We hope to do similar events in the various Districts, because obviously people have stuff in Belmopan, Orange Walk, whatever,  It doesn’t make sense for them to bring it out here.  So we want to replicate this event in the Districts as well.

Kelly spoke to PLUS News about the importance of recycling for the environment:

Michael Kelly – Resource Recovery Recycling Company President:
It’s important for us to recycle in Belize.  We’ve got a small country and a very beautiful country, and if we keep piling it up with trash, it’s not going to stay that way very long.   It’s important for us, once we’ve used a thing, to not just throw it on the roadside, throw it into the ditch or whatever.  It toxifies the environment, it’s dangerous.  It never disappears, because it’s plastic and metal.  So this is the way for us to make sure that it will go out of the country.  It is removed from the countryside.

For those Belize City residents who missed Saturday’s event, they can contact the Scout Association at St. Thomas and St. Joseph to come and collect their old electronic equipment.

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