Red Cross celebrates “150 years of Humanitarian Action.”

The Belize Red Cross is holding a week of activities to mark its 99th year of existence and Red Cross day on Wednesday. Today they hosted an awareness fair in Belize City. With more here is director general Lily Bowman.
Lily Bowman – Director General:
vlcsnap-2013-05-10-20h12m19s62The theme that is celebrated worldwide is “150 years of Humanitarian Action.” Today we’re having an Awareness fair.  We thought it would be good to come out to the people, come out into the community and share with them all the good work that we’ve been doing throughout the years.Today we have a display of First Aid techniques.  We have pressure checks going on.  We also good factual information on HIV and AIDS.  We’re doing it in a fun way, with kids especially,’cause we’ve invited schools, we’ve invited the business organizations. So as you can see, right now we have some schools vlcsnap-2013-05-10-20h17m31s8visiting.  We also have on display Disaster Risk Reduction, and we’re doing a game called the Riskland game with the kids. It is played with a dice, something like the Snake and Ladders.  When you land in some spot you have to give information about what you know in disasters.  It has questions you answer. It’s very fun, but it’s educational at the same time.

The Society has about 300 active volunteers including youth and a total of 1,500 with branches around the country.

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