Red Cross launches first aid app

Mobile phone applications are becoming increasingly a part of the thinking man’s life as a simple way to access information and entertainment. But if you want to save a life, there’s an app for that too. As part of annual celebrations marking World Red Cross Day, the Belize Red Cross today launched its First Aid App in downtown Belize City at the Battlefield Park. We spoke to Fred Hunter Jr., director for disaster risk management for the Red Cross

Fred Hunter Jr. – Director, Disaster Risk Management, Belize Red Cross Societyvlcsnap-2015-05-11-10h41m20s90

“I believe it is called a First Aid App and you download it on to your phone and then it’s a little reference manual that you have in your phone. It has different sections and videos in there as well that you can pick If you are dealing  with bleeding, contusions, allergies and any sort of  First -aid situation…choking hazards, administering CPR or whatever it is. “



Aaron Humes – Plus T.V Reporter

“These are all designed and approve by the Red Cross?”

Fred Hunter Jr.

“Yes. Actually, all the other countries on the Caribbean are promoting their app as well. “

Aaron Humes

“Anybody can download this app and use it?”

Fred Hunter Jr.

“Anybody. It’s free. We would like as many people as possible to do it because we think that when you download it and start to study it, it prepares you for any sort of First-aid situation  that you might encounter in your daily life. We think that this will be able to save lives and mitigate injuries.” 


The app is available for free on Google Play and in the Apple Store

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