Referendum money coming in

As we said earlier, Guatemala’s referendum is scheduled for April 15th  of this year and Guatemala has stated that it plans to spend some 40 million dollars on their referendum. Both Minister Elrington and the Guatemalan Foreign Minister spoke to the OAS General Council a few weeks ago stating the intention of both countries to try and settle the matter at the ICJ. Both Foreign ministers made an appeal for financial aid in getting the referendums done. In Thursday’s press briefing, Minister Elrington says some monies have already begun to come in.

Hon Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister

We are already been receiving funding for that as a matter of fact the Europeans the Americans have already made contributions and will continue to make contributions and we are going to be seeking funding further up field as well .We have been getting contribution continuously from the international community for this process unlike Belize and Belizeans rarely there is no doubt in the mind of the international community 194 members of the United Nations they are no doubt in their minds that the ICJ is the proper place to have this matter resolved ,so that we have very fully support from the international community for the process .

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