Refurbished courts and free WIFI

Sports enthusiasts, especially for basketball and volleyball, have already been enjoying the refurbished Basketball courts around Belmopan. Yesterday, Wednesday June 17, saw the inauguration of the refurbishment basketball court at the Mauvelene Gordon Park, the third recently inaugurated. The upgrades, which included coverings, refurbished rims and benches, are a part of an ongoing project headed by the Hon. John Saldivar  to uplift sporting facilities around the capital. Students and residents that visit the park will also be enjoying free wifi as a part of the Government’s theme for this year, the year of technology.

Jacklyn Burns – Deputy Mayor, Belmopanvlcsnap-2015-06-19-10h07m59s186

“Technology is ,after all, the name of this era and I cannot think of a better way to subscribe to this phenomenon but to make it available to all. Free WIFI service is now available to any person who wishes to utilize this gift. It is our hope that it will be utilized positively  and responsibly.

Hon. John Saldivar – Area Representative , Belmopanvlcsnap-2015-06-19-10h19m42s65

”This is how the idea of these coverings, which I think the athletes really do appreciate because the first part is the sun, not even the rain because we can play in the rain sometimes. The sun is what gets to us athletes the most, and I say us. So the covering from the sun was the most appreciated  part of these four small projects. The n of course, the rain. We try as much as possible to design it in such a way that we can still play even with light rain or a few minutes or half hour or so with rain. “

Similar uplifts were seen at the basketball courts at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School and the Our Lady of Guadalupe High School. The only refurbished basketball facility left to be inaugurated is the Hilltop Basketball court, which the Minister assured is near completion.

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