Regional HIV/AIDS Testing Day observed

Friday June 24 is observed as Regional HIV/AIDS Testing Day. It is the 5th year Belize has participated in its regional effort and it is being done under the theme, “Increasing testing to create change.” Executive Director for National AIDS Commission, Enrique Romero, said testings are done countrywide on this specific day.

National Aids Commission

“This is the fifth year that The National Aids Commission is joining the CARICOM region in celebrating and commemorating this day. The main goals of the Regional Testing Day is to create awareness and provide information about HIV and Aids to sensitize the people, bring awareness and promote the HIV testing in the general public, especially towards men. Statistics have shown, in Belize, that men do not get tested. One of the goals is to get more men tested.”                     

According to Romero, most of the person who go for testing are females and in order to encourage men to know their status, they have initiated what they are calling “Bring a Man Campaign”

Enrique Romero, Exec.Dir. National Aids Commission

“We have a small token for people who bring 3 or 4 men at a time to do testing. Statistics last year show that of the 30 thousand tests done countrywide, 20 thousand were women and 10 thousand were men. Again, this is our initiative to try and get men more involved.

The regional effort is being spearheaded by Pan Caribbean partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAB), the Caribbean Media Broadcasting Partnership, with sponsorship from Scotia Bank.

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