Rehabilitation of Burrell Boom Police Station in progress

La Ruta Maya river challenge canoe race is set for this coming weekend and Police are planning a major presence. Work has begun on rehabilitating the village police station in Burrell Boom and Rural Executive Officer for the Police ASP Chris Noble gives details.

ASP Christopher Noble – Rural Executive Officer for the Police:  
vlcsnap-2013-03-05-19h05m50s135It will be more conducive so you can walk in, you can talk and communicate.  The area had some challenges but when I came on board in late December, we were looking at Ruta Maya and this is one of the central areas where that event stops and we are looking at getting it up and running before the event because we want the people to know that we will be here, we will be doing our jobs and we will be in the area definitely trying to do better vlcsnap-2013-03-05-19h05m26s108police work.  The modifications: new computers, new desks, new chairs, repairs to the existing motorcycle and we’ve had the community donate a motorcycle which was already here and now we will have the two motorcycles for the two officers here; Corporal Young is here now and PC Sutherland has been here for a while and they are now working together to get this thing up and running and in a more positive light; it is more community oriented, you have to come in to see it and for me it is a blessing to see that these people are here to work and do this.  

ASP Noble says the community were a great help.

ASP Christopher Noble – Rural Executive Officer for the Police:  
The Kolbe Foundation has been generous with us and they gave us the labor; some of the community has given us of their time and the Government has given minimal in labor and material; that has been the most part on behalf of the Government and the community seems to be coming on board more and more.  Every time we get these calls, you get the calls to say what do you need, what do you want, what can I do to assist and we’re looking at it everywhere.  We have improved Maskall, we put a Corporal there; we have improved Bermudian Landing, we put a Sergeant there; the next area being looked would be Bermudian Landing, Maskall, Sandhill and Crooked Tree – we’re looking at Crooked Tree because we have no building there and we’re looking at how best we can get that up and running.

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