Religious Leaders in Dominican Republic protest US President’s nomination for Ambassador

While first world countries are embracing the homosexual agenda, Caribbean countries are being targeted by those first world countries to also welcome that lifestyle. The pressure on Caribbean nations has come in the form of threat of financial restrictions for non compliance, lawsuits, policies, and international conventions. Caribbean Countries continue to fight the onslaught in various ways.  Currently, religious leaders in the Catholic-majority vlcsnap-2013-07-17-19h15m16s111Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic are protesting US President Barack Obama’s recent nomination of open homosexual James “Wally” Brewster as ambassador to their country.  Religious leaders in the country have contested the appointment, arguing that it is an offense to Dominican customs and religious principles regarding homosexuality and is another move by the US to further the homosexual agenda in the Caribbean.  According to an Associated Press Report, those religious leaders who are opposed are organizing a protest, known as “Lunes Negro” or “Black Monday,” . It is scheduled to take place on July 15 and include peaceful marches as well as the donning of black attire and black decorations on vehicles. The Government of the DR has released a statement supporting  Obama’s nomination of James Brewster.

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