Remains of a Man Found in Camalote

83 year old Cayetano Nah,  a resident of Camalote Village, Cayo District, was reported missing on February 3rd. According to reports made by 43 year old Alexander Sheppard, Belizean Caretaker, on Tuesday February 2nd, he visited the residence of Cayetano Nah, to give him his breakfast. In the afternoon Sheppard returned to give him his lunch but Cayetano was not there. He made checks at the residence in the evening but he was nowhere to be seen. He told police that he went back the following day to the residence of Cayetano, but  could still not locate him. A month passed without any signs of Cayetano’s whereabouts, however now police investigators suspect they might have found the bodily remains of Cayetano Nah. According to authorities based on information, at around 2 pm on Friday March 27th, police responded to a pasture about half a mile inside a feeder road in the village of Camalote where the owner of the pasture lead them to a location where they saw what looked like the skeleton remains of a person. The bones were collected and removed from the area. The remains now lie at the morgue where they await an anlysis from Dr. Mario Estradaban.

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