Remains of another body unearthed in Orange Walk


On Tuesday evening Orange walk police returned to the site where they had located the shallow grave of Ramon Cervantes Sr. We reported in Tuesday’s newscast that based on information police received from one of the individuals detained in the Cervantes investigation, police decided to search the area again.  They were told that another individual, presumably a female, had been killed and buried in the same area. Police began combing the area but up to last night had not located the burial site.  Police secured the area and returned on Wednesday with an excavator to complete their search. Around 11am, the forensics team was called in after what appeared to be human remains were dug up by the excavator. About 4 o’clock, they returned to the station. In an interview with Northern regional commander Joseph Blackett at around 5:00


Manuel Castillo

vlcsnap-2014-07-10-06h10m39s142Wednesday evening, he confirmed that the remains  found in a farm adjacent to the burial site of Ramon Cervantes Sr was that of 46 year old Soña Maribel Abac who went missing  in April of this year. Unconfirmed reports say that when the family first reported Acab missing, police told the family that Sofia Abac, a Guatemalan by birth, probably just went back to her home country. According to Joseph Blackett, the remains, found in a bad state of decomposition, had one of its jaws broken. Police told the media on Wednesday that they are looking for someone by the name of Manuel Castillo and his alleged female accomplice Avicela Durant in connection with the murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr. and Soña Maribel Abac, both found buried about 200 yards apart only separated by a fence. We will keep following this story.

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