Remembering A Belizean Hero

Friday marked the birthday of one of Belize’s fallen Heroes, Phillip Goldson, who fought for Belize’s independence to the point of imprisonment for his ideals.

He served as Deputy Mayor in the Belize City Council was the editor of the Belize Billboard.

In1951 he was convicted of Seditious Intention due to the statement in  that newspaper which read, “There are two roads to self government (Independence). Evolution and Revolution. We are now trying evolution.”

He was sentenced to one year’s hard labour, and it is said that  while in prison he taught his fellow inmates to read and write.

vlcsnap-2014-10-03-20h09m17s103Once free, he served on the British Honduras Legislative Council where he was appointed member (quasi-Minister) for Social Services. His portfolio included Labour, Housing and Planning, Health, Education and Social Welfare and Community Development. During this period he coordinated the building of Corozal Town after its destruction in 1955 by Hurricane Janet.

He pioneered the Village Council system, enacted a new Education Ordinance making Primary Education free, granting government assistance to Secondary Schools for the first time, and initiated special allowance for retired teachers who up to then did not enjoy pension benefits, confirmed Belize as contributing member of the U.W.I., also established Department of Housing and Planning and revised Government Workers Rules establishing the check-off system for trade unions.

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