Remembering Rt. Hon. George Price

The late Right Honorable George Price died on September 19, 2011, and today, members of the party he led for forty years, the People’s United Party (PUP), gathered for their twice-yearly observance in his honor. Grandnephew and party chairman Henry Charles Usher recalled what the great man said a half century ago about the values e Belizeans should cherish and pass on.

vlcsnap-2015-09-18-20h57m20s194Henry Charles Usher: When speaking about material values he said, for some values today, this was 50 years ago and it’s very relevant today. He said for some, values today are the automobile, a big bank account, a sprawling house with a swimming pool, a flat screen television, but he did he know about flat screen TV’s, refrigerator, and an AC Unit. Such values are indeed grown a necessary in our modern economy and society, but they can be lost or destroyed in a matter of seconds by a fire, hurricane, floods, earthquake. If these values would, and legitimately to posses are so perishable, what then are the true value in today’s Belizean World? The values that are precious and imperishable are those values that are within us. They are our mind, and our heart and our ability to appreciate the riches and the joys of the world around us. He went on to say, our true worth as good citizens, is not to own an automobile, or to have a big bank account or a house. Our true worth as good Belizean Citizens is to work. To produce the goods and services that will make Belize great. To help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Not suffer poverty, misery, and humiliation.

On the eve of National Service Day, party leader Francis Fonseca told reporters that each passing year makes Hon. Price’s life clearer and for the PUP, increases its duty to pass on his ideals.

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