Rene Montero’s Family Receives Millions in Land Compensation

More political scandal surface one week before the big municipal elections. Plus News has been telling you about allegations of corruption made against Minister Boots Martinez by his former employee Kirk Lamb. While Min Martinez continues to defend his position, Opposition Party Leader John Briceno, in a media briefing on Thursday, switched his focus towards ex Min. Gaspar Vega and Mr. Rene Montero for alleged land scandals. According to John Briceno, the siblings of Government Minister Rene Montero has benefited from millions of dollars in land compensations. Briceno say that a past P.U.P. administration in 1998 repossessed eighty-one acres of land in separate parcels in the Privassion Enclave area of the Mountain Pine Ridge and on North Ambergris Caye. The land was acquired just before the 98 general elections by four members of the family of U.D.P. Minister Rene Montero. The Montero siblings later in 2011 collected handsomely under the regime of former Natural Resources Minister Gaspar Vega for the parcels of land the PUP had repossessed. Briceno presented copies of the compensation agreements between Vega and five Montero family members. Briceno gave a detailed breakdown of the compensation agreements.

 Opposition Party Leader John Briceno

 Evette Montero got 6 acres of land 6 miles North of Ambergris Caye and she paid $3,080.00 for it.  Mr. Vega, the Deputy Prime Minister and approved by the ministry of finance agreed to compensate Evette Montero $245,000 . Miguel Montero got 10 Acres again in North-West of San Pedro for $4,400 dollars and  4 acres of land 4 miles North West of San Pedro for $1,760 dollars and twenty acres of .13 acres of land at Prevacion enclave area in the Mountain Pine Ridge for $4,428 dollars. For those three parcels of land Mr. Miguel was compensated $721,000  dollars.  Ishmael Montero got 10.2 acres 

again in Prevacion Enclave Mountain Pine Ridge area for $2,220 dollars and he was compensated $82,352 dollars for that parcel of land. Evette Montero again got 10 Acres of land in the Prevacion Enclave in the mountain Pine Ridge area for $2,204 dollars and was compensated $80,000 dollars for that land .Jaime Montero got 5 acres of land 6 miles North west of San Pedro for $2,200 and he was compensated $175,000 for that land .Alejandro Montero got 10 acres in the prevacion enclave and he was given $80,000 dollars as per the agreement that we have right here and Alejandro Montero got another 4 acres of land at North West of San Pedro for $ 1,760 and then got another 5 acres in the same area for $ 2,200 and  was compensated $395,000 dollars. The Montero family collected 1,778,352 dollars . To add salt to injury, as they would say, they were given 7% interest from the date of acquisition so when you combine everything the interest is approximately 1,369,331 dollars .The Montero family have been compensated by we the tax payers of this country a grand total of 3,147,683 dollars.

Briceno called on the Prime Minister Barrow to keep his promise of not tolerating any form of corruption within his party.

 Opposition Party Leader John Briceno

Hundreds of millions of dollars has been fleece by this government and we see no action on the part of the Prime Minister. That’s the frustrating part because he made solemn promise to this country that he was not going to tolerate not a single whiff of corruption in his government. His former Deputy Prime Minister have been implicated, Minister of Works have been implicated, the Minister of Economic Development has been implicated, the Minister of Tourism has been implicated, the Minister of Poverty Alleviation has been implicated, and like that we can list out the Minister of Health have been implicated. Pretty much, John Saldivar has been implicated. Almost all of his ministers have been implicated into one scam or the other and they remain in the cabinet with exception of Gaspar Vega I guess Gaspar will then become the easy man to kick out and stomp on him to say we are doing something against corruption and throw him on the side but yet he won’t do that to the rest.


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