Reporter receives message for Omero Campos’ family

The Reporter newspaper says that it has received an email with a message and a ransom request to be delivered to the family of Omero Campos. The email is from Campos’ alleged kidnappers. Campos has been missing since June 17th, more than a month ago, when he left his home in San Narciso , Corozal to go to his farm; but he never returned. The following day, his family reportedly received a request for a million dollars to secure Campos’ release. On June 28, eleven days after Campos disappeared, it was reported that a ransom request had been sent via a media blog, asking for 20 bitcoins, equivalent to five hundred thousand dollars. Now, according to the Reporter newspaper, that media house received an email which says,  “He is alive, safe and sound. Pay 5 bitcoins now and we release Omero Campos immediately or Omero Campos dies without further reference.” This request, sent to the Reporter’s email, comes almost a month after the 20 bitcoins request.  The email was sent from the account of one Juan Carlos Yépez and is asking for the bitcoins no later than August 1 or else Campos will die. The last time police spoke to the media on this case they assured that they were investigating all angles. Police did indicate that while they are investigating, it is still unclear if the ransom requests are credibly connected to Campos’ disappearance.

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