Reports of Abduction attempts on school children

There were abduction attempts in Orange Walk earlier this week, one on Monday and another on Tuesday. The incidents happened at La Inmaculada Elementary School.

Principal Manuel Polanco told our colleagues at CTV 3 more about the incidents.


Manuel Polanco – Principal

“[We can] confirm two incidents where children were being lured to get into vehicles or forced to get into vehicles.

vlcsnap-2015-01-30-09h40m04s174We got  an incident on Monday, where a child was being threatened to get into a vehicle.  According to the child’s report, the driver of the vehicle actually told her, ‘Get in the vehicle, or I will kill you.’  That was the one that happened on Monday.

Yesterday we had another incident, where a child was grabbed by the hair, and was actually being pulled inside the vehicle.  I don’t think the person in the vehicle got a good hold of her, and she managed to get away.

The first incident on Monday took place by the House of Culture, and the second incident yesterday took place on Main Street.” 


Security at the school has since been beefed up.


In Belize City on Thursday evening, we received reports of an abduction from a school in that municipality.

According to reports, a student of Queen Square Anglican Primary school went to the police and told them that three girls she was with were abducted by men in a car.

Police went to the school and we are told that the principal and police were at the school until late this evening, to wait and see if any parents made any report or inquiry about missing children, but up to our news time no one showed up, and so police cannot confirm if any abduction really occurred at this time.

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