Reports of Mayawalk incident were exaggerated says owner






On Monday we got word of a most unsettling incident that took place in the Teakettle Village on Sunday evening. Rumours had it that 10 tourists, under the care of Mayawalk Tours, got trapped in the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)  Caves as a result of a flash flood. However, Plus TV spoke to Aaron Juan, owner and operator of Mayawalk Tours, who claims that those rumours were nothing but an exaggeration of what really occurred. This is what he said actually happened

Aaron Juan – Mayawalk Tours:

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-11h56m15s106No one was trapped in the cave.  We never went in the cave.  It was a normal day at ATM.  In the rainy season the river goes up, it goes down.  We’re always a little bit careful about that.  We had explained that to them already.  They’re all river rafting guides, and one of them owns an adventure company in the States.  One owns  White River Rafting in Russia. So our little river to them was not a big deal.  They decided to go and try it, and to do the cave if they can, if not return.  So they crossed the river a couple of times, on the hike to the cave.  Then the river went up.  It had a flash flood.  The trail is designed where it goes down to the river, and then it has a high point.  So we went up to the high point, when the river went up, maybe nine feet above normal.  I said the only thing we can do right now is just wait.  We build a little fire.  I told stories and they were telling me all about their businesses.  In between the quarter mile I gave them a jungle tour, and they were happy with it.  It wasn’t raining, so it was not uncomfortable.  We sat there and we monitored the river.  In three hours the river went down about   four feet.  So we decided we’d wait another hour for it to go to a safe level.

Aaron Juan and the tourists that were with him crossed the rivers safely and were met by a search team. According to Juan, the armed search team was the only thing that intimidated the tourists. He stressed that they were never in any real danger.

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