Reputation Week Seeking Nominees for Recognitions

We are almost at the end of Reputation Week. It’s a first time initiative of the public relations firm Nauta Vero, chaired by Mr. Niall Gillett.

Mr. Gillett told us today about his initiative to find five Belizean companies and individuals of whom the best can be said.

vlcsnap-2014-02-27-19h13m21s189Mr. Niall Gillet-  Principal of Nauta Vera Public Relations

“ So, we thought that if I  could think of a lot of people with great reputations for excellence, I am sure that there are many people out there I could think of and could see them.  So, we thought that we have a challenge, based on my conversation with this gentleman.  I will put it out Belizeans and if you know someone or an organization or a politician, (those are some of the classes that we have), then submit their names to us along with the reason why do you think they have a stealth reputation, and in three months time, we will try to reward those people with recognition.   We have five categories,

1. Large company, 2.  Small business, 3.  An NGO, 4.  A politician, which is a pretty interesting one, (they don’t have be elected; they could be aspiring), then,  5.  A normal everyday  individual”. 

And as a long-time public relations man, we asked Gillett just how important a good reputation is.

Mr. Niall Gillet:  “Well, if it is a good book that is worth more than gold.  In old days, your image, your name was your bond.  I mean, if you came and you said, I Niall Gillet did this and you shake hands on it, that was good enough for a contract.  It is sort of a contract up to this day, but for some reason we are not seeing it as often as we should and then a lot of business are not considering the value of their reputation.  Reputation is what other people say about you and how they feel about you in their hearts.  That reputation decides whether or not some people will do business with you, buy your product or vote for you or someone will come and cry at your grave when you die”.

The contest challenge runs for the next three months from March 1 – May 31. A committee, presumably populated by persons of good reputation, will select and announce the winners. If you have a name to submit, email Gillett at or send a regular registered mail letter with a paragraph or two outlining why your candidate deserves to be considered.

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