Restaurant Owner Attacked in Hattieville

Last Tuesday owner of Rob’s Cool Spot outside of Hattieville, Belize District, Robert Robinson, was targeted by two armed robbers demanding money.  At six on New Year’s Eve, Robinson, 61, was accosted by men carrying a gun and machete.  When they tried and failed to get money from him, the machete man chopped him on his hand. They fled as he called his wife for help.  Today ASP Chris Noble updated the press on the progress of the case.

vlcsnap-2014-01-07-10h20m26s175ASP Chris Noble- Officer in Charge of the Ladyville Police Substation

“The information is that we did deal with a report at Rob’s Cool Spot.  Contrary to what people are saying that he was robbed, he did say on national TV  “nothing was taken”.  it was an attempt and they did injure him.  The person is known to him; we will continue to look into the information and see if we can make an arrest”.

Reporter:  “Is it true that the Hattieville Station has no vehicle right now?”

ASP Chris Noble:  “We are transport deficient in all aspects when it comes to our organization and we definitely have to move when it comes to any area  when it comes to policing”.

ladyville police stationReporter:  “He said that you took 20 minutes you respond to his report which is roughly a mile from the police station”.

ASP Chris Noble:  “Which would be reasonable or not, but the police officers there would have to be the persons and I don’t know of the timeline, but I would look into it”.

motorbikeReporter:  “However, that timeline would be consistent wit the type of transport that is there”.

ASP Chris Noble:  “The transport that is there”.

Reporter:  “Which is a motorbike!”

ASP Chris Noble:  “Several”.

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