Retired teacher demands benefits after MOE loses all his records of service

Leroy Green is well known for his work in the creative arts and as an English and Literature teacher for over thirty four years.   Most recently, Green had been working with the Ministry of Education to implement a creative arts curriculum into the formal education system but he retired in November of 2016. Today, Green called in to the Rise and Shine morning show to say that he has not received his benefits for his years of teaching service in the education sector because  the Ministry of Education informed him that they have lost all records for 34 years of his 43 years of service to the country.

Leroy Green, Retired Teacher denied pension: I retired last year November, and six months into my retirement I got a call from the Ministry of Education saying that they cannot find any records of me as a teacher from 1973-2007 and that I have to do the legwork to go and get people to swear that I was teaching at those places at that time. Now, the truth is that I sent in my first notice of registration the 7th of January 2016, the retirement to take effect the 29th of November 2016. Months before, I went to income tax so they could say I owe the government no tax. I went and I got the total print out of my contributions from Social Security and forwarded it along with the letter. Now those same contributions coming from the very same ministry because Belmopan Comprehensive High School, Belize Teacher’s College at the time, the University of Belize all comes under the Ministry of Education. Yet they cannot find any record for 34 years of my 43 year career working as a teacher.

Green said that he chose to stay in Belize to help with the development of his country, giving his job his all and this is how he is being repaid.vlcsnap-2017-05-09-19h53m34s976

Leroy Green, Retired Teacher denied pension: I gave my job my all because it is something I love doing, I still am doing it as a matter of fact because I’m on a contract that ends August 31st. I know after August 31st I’m not going to get any more contracts, which doesn’t worry me one bit, but I will not be regulated to going at home or at Brodies with a cup begging for survival after giving so many years to Belize. I have had friends who have told me that the kind of talents I have I could have gone to the States and make big money. I choose to stay in Belize to help with the development of my country. I am not fighting for anything I have not worked for.

Green says that according to the Retirement Act, it is the responsibility of the ministry to address the issue of his pension and to locate his records. He says he has given the ministry a one week deadline to get his benefits to him.

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