Richard Foster murdered; body found in Belmopan

The body of Richard Foster was found in the Rivera area of Belmopan. It is believed that Foster was  first kidnapped and then murdered.  British National, 63 year old

Richard Foster of twenty eight and a half mile on the George Price Highway, had been reported missing after his home was checked by Glen McFadzean around  seven o’clock Tuesday morning. According to McFadzean, Foster’s wife, who is currently in the U.S., was trying to call Foster and after he wasn’t answering any of her calls, she requested that McFadzean go and check on her husband. McFadzean found Foster’s home opened and ransacked. Missing from his home was his Toyota Hilux pickup truck and his two guns, a Smith and Wesson 9mm and a Pun 12 Mossberg were missingThe police were alerted and a search of the area ensued. At about 10 o’clock yesterday morning, Foster’s silver Toyota Hilux was found in a secluded area near an old water reservoir in the Mahagony Heights Community. The vehicle was processed on the scene then transported to the Hattieville police station several hours later. All information suggest that Foster went missing sometime between Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Then, several hours after the truck was discovered in Mahogany Heights,  sometime around 8 p.m., Belmopan Police reportedly received information about a body that was found in the Riviera area of the capital city. The lifeless body was that of a Caucasian male person who was identified as Richard Foster. Foster’s lifeless body was found with multiple stab wounds as well as with several head injuries. Plus News understands that fresh blood was found on the scene at the time the body was found, which would seem to indicate that Foster was murdered just a  short while before Police found his body. The body was transported to Belize City earlier today to undergo a post mortem examination. Plus News spoke to a close friend of Foster who was among those who positively identified Foster’s body.  He told us about the many significant contributions Foster and his wife made to the nation of Belize. He chose to remain anonymous.

Friend of the Deceased: I have known Richard Foster for like 25 years and Cheryl as well. They are very good friends and Richard was one of the most generous, kind and gentle persons I have ever known. Richard fell in love with Belize in the 1970s and moved here. He spent his lifetime appreciating and capturing the natural world through video and sharing it for everyone to see. As true pioneers, Richard and Cheryl were among the first film makers to document the beauty in the diversity of Belize’s nature and diverse cultures. Richard and Cheryl made dozens of documentary films for National Geographic and the BBC, as well as dozens of short films for local Belizean cultural organizations. Many which have been shown around the world and won awards.

Foster’s friend of  25 years also gave us his initial reaction when he was informed of his friend’s disappearance and later of his murder.

Friend of the Deceased: I was shocked, very worried. You know, I was very shocked and worried and surprised because Richard was a calm ‘buddy’. He stays at home and works very hard and he is not one to… He has a routine, he is not one to just disappear.

Reporter: And then last night of course I believe you receive the unfortunate news that his body was found in Belmopan. What was your reaction then?

Friend of the Deceased: Well, it was one of tremendous shock. Again, obviously sadness, I mean this is a real tragedy for not just Cheryl his lovely wife, and his daughter, and brother and family and friends. I mean Richard was a legend in wildlife film industry throughout the world. He is a mentor for dozens of young students and up and coming people in Belize and the world. So the senseless murder of this gentle man who would never hurt anyone, never lift a finger against anyone. It’s a tremendous loss for this country.

According to Foster’s friend, Foster’s untimely death is a huge loss for the nation of Belize.

Friend of the Deceased: Richard and his wife Cheryl have been very strong advocates for conserving the beauty and wild natural places of Belize. They’ve been working or decades for the government, non-government, private, civil society, which benefit all Belizean. Whether you are in the tourism industry, whether you are into fishing, it doesn’t matter as long as you like clean air and clean water. And you know this country is known for its natural beauty and Richard was fiercely fighting to share it and conserve it and his loss will undoubtedly have ramifications for years and years to come.

Police investigation continues.

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