Richard Smith taking prayer team to San Pedro

A contingent of prayer warriors is heading  out to San Pedro Ambergris this weekend to pray for the crime situation on the island and some of the other societal ills that plague the community while simultaneously praying for  blessings for the islanders. This initiative is spearheaded by Founder and Director of My Refuge Christian Radio, Richard Smith, who stopped by PlusTV to tell us more.


Richard Smith:  Well this Saturday the 29th of August we are planning to take as  much prayer warriors to San Pedro. San Pedro has been, La Isla Bonita, the beautiful island. While the beauty, there hasvlcsnap-2015-08-31-15h37m42s853 been a lot of spoilers that is going on. I had the opportunity to sit with the mayor of San Pedro and hear his heart for San Pedro and I really appreciate what he had to share that the concern for San Pedro is, we receive San Pedro that is not good soil to send young people because they get involved in all sort of stuff such as drugs, gang related stuff and other stuff that are going on. The best cure for that is prayer, and so we are calling for a prayer patrol from every district to lets go to san Pedro on the 29th. We are taking as much people to go out to pray and we will blanket the San Pedro area with prayer.

The prayer warriors plan to meet with the Mayor of San Pedro to see what issues he would like them to prayer for.  Included on the list of prayer items is the plan for a Gay Pride Week scheduled to be held  in San Pedro.


Richard Smith: Right within we have serious take over. There was a sounding of the Gay Pride week in San Pedro from the 5th to the 13th and everybody was all excited about this kind of deal not understanding how this affects family values. We could rail up all we want, but nothing like when the Lord intervene. People look at it in a way that, in the secular side of saying oh uno hate gay uno hate this uno hate that. I’ll tell you, when God shake a nation, there is a clear cut of truth and not truth.

Smith says that if persons wish  to join the contingent of prayer warriors heading to San Pedro,  they can contact Richard Smith at 622-8010. Smith also told us that many people from different districts are
going, and that he hopes more people go to support.


Richard Smith: Well basically I have declared today as the cut off date for registration because we need to know who is going with us. We have so far about 30 and just a while before I came here, I got a Untitled-2call from San Pedro saying that they will send somebody. We’d like all the different pastoral chapters of our country to call me at 6228010 to say hey, I would like to send a representative from my district. PG is sending one. We have from Cayo and actually we have from Belize City sending as well. So I’d like to get a National response for prayer to San Pedro. My number is 6228010. We are leaving San Pedro 8’oclock sharp.  Today is the deadline, if people would like to get a hold of me, I would extend to as well as tomorrow. Tomorrow is the cut off because we want to make sure that we take people who understand the purpose. We are not there going to demonstrate, we are not there to cause mischief. We are there to support and stand in the gap in embracing family values for San Pedro.  

The prayer session is set for 10am to 3pm on Saturday, 29th of August.

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