Ride Across Belize 2016 kicks off

The Ride Across Belize Fund Raising event started in 2004 as a public relations tactic for the Social Security Board, but has since grown into one of Belize’s biggest fund raising events in the country. The 13th Annual Ride Across Belize kicked off yesterday as a little over 125 cyclists rode from Corozal to Orange Walk. Today, June 30th, kicked off the second leg of the race as cyclists rode from Belmopan to Cayo. We caught up with the General Manager for Social Security’s Ride Across Belize, Chandra Cansino, who told us about the ride so far and what they are expecting as they head toward Cayo.

Chandra Cansino, Ride Across Belize Manager

“Well so far so good. Thanks to God for the good weather both yesterday and today so we are very grateful for that. We have excellent vlcsnap-2016-07-01-15h14m39s743participation of riders and so we really can’t complain. The service team is right on point as usual, so far so good. It gets a little more challenging now that we are getting into the hills. We ask the riders to look out for each other and try to stay with each other. Safety is something very important to us and to closer the group stays together the safer the ride is.”

The funds that are being raised through the Ride Across Belize program will be going to 8 different feeding programs that have been selected by the Board, and if you’d like to help, Cansino says there is always space for more donations.

Chandra Cansino, Ride Across Belize Manager

“The cause this year is for the feeding programs. We have selected 8 feeding programs across the country this year as recipients. The benefits of the children, elderly and homeless receiving a plate of food at least once a day cannot be understated. This is an excellent cause and it reaches from the North to the South to all our Belizean brothers and sisters. We ask that anyone who receives a letter to please give a donation. You can also deposit to the Ride Across Belize Scotia Bank Account. The branches will be conducting their little fundraisers all over the country and so we ask that the public supports them.”

The ride is set to conclude in Punta Gorda on Saturday the 2nd of July.

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