Rigo Vellos won “Mr. Belize”, again





“Mr. Belize” Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition was held this weekend. After much strutting and posing,  Rigo Vellos won the Mr. Belize again.

Reporter:   “How are you feeling today?”

vlcsnap-2013-11-05-09h57m58s145Mr. Rigo Vellos – Body Building Champion:  “Excellent, mein, the best feeling today!”




Reporter:   “In the overall competition, there had to be a showdown between you and Cleto.   At any point, were you nervous?   What was going through your mind?”

Mr. Rigo Vellos:  “Actually at no point I was nervous, first of all.   It’s not nervous.   It’s just a matter of fact of…you are starting to question yourself till you get comfortable in the crowd with the contestants.   I think that just fade off”.

Coming second was Masters and Middleweight champion Clayton Greenidge. And there is a new Body Figure champion. Cricel Castillo defeated incumbent Gina Lovell and credits her own hard work and that of Greenidge, her trainer.

vlcsnap-2013-11-05-09h59m13s121Ms. Griselle Castillo- Body building Champion

 “I really worked hard.   My coach, Clayton Grinage, I mean, we trained so hard.   I think people in the gym saw how hard we worked.   It came with the nutrition.   I haven’t had a soda in maybe three years or a drink of alcoholic beverages in three years.   I eat very clean and up until I would say about eight weeks before I was training two times a day, was really hard intense training.   There was times when I literally fell down and I said, “Coach, please stop!” -and he’s like, “No! Champions are made, not born”, and I was like “You know, that’s right”.   So then I got back up and I kept going.   So, honestly, it’s really rewarding because I put in a lot of work tonight”

The winners of the competition participate in regional and international competitions.

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